My Cyberpunk Dystopian Nightmare “When Dark and Light are One” is Available Now From Critical Blast!

“THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is a short-story anthology collection of encounters with various incarnations of The Devil. The genres range from fairy tale to folk tale, from urban fantasy to science fiction, from comedy to horror. For fans of stories like THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER and FAUST.

Featuring the works of Jared Baker, Erica Ciko Campbell, Sarah Cannavo, Michael W. Clark, Christopher Cook, Andra Dill, Cara Fox, R.A. Goli, Gerald A. Jennings, Kevin Kangas, Daryl Marcus, Damascus Mincemeyer, Steve Oden, Evan Purcell, Troy Riser, Joseph Rubas, Hannah Trusty, Wondra Vanian, Henry Vogel, and KD Webster.”

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while! My cyberpunk dystopian story “When Dark and Light Are One” is finally available in paperback and eBook form on Amazon! This was the longest short story I’ve ever written, so it was a bit challenging to find a home for it: But the moment I found this weird-but-fun submission call from Critical Blast, I knew my search was over.

I don’t want to spoil too much about the story for any readers out there, but here’s a little tease straight out of the cover letter I sent to publishers while I was shopping it around: “It’s the year 2666, and at long last, humanity has achieved eternal life. But when the Devil returns to the cyberpunk dystopia once known as Earth to reclaim his share of souls, the last thing Ludwig expects is to fall in love.”

So if you’re uneasy about the grim, supernatural aspects of the story, don’t worry: There’s plenty of “wholesome” romance packed in there too!

This story is very loosely tied to The Sun Beneath the Glaciers, which was published in The Fifth Di . . . earlier this year. At one time I had this idea for a Dreams From the Death of the Earth extended series of short stories about various conundrums and apocalyptic scenarios from our planet’s distant future. For now I’ve shunned it to pour all my energy into To Be Young and Whole Again: But if/when I ever return to torture the denizens of future Earth, When Dark and Light Are One is sure to be a cornerstone!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave a review if you pick up the anthology on Amazon. There are plenty of other talented authors featured in The Devil You Know besides me, so you never know: You might just find your new favorite within those infernal, blood-drenched pages!

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