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This is a collection of articles I’ve written for professional clients. Please note that most of these links lead to external sites where my articles were published. All of these articles have been edited by me as well.

For samples of my science fiction and fantasy writing, please click here.

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What is a VPN and How Can it Protect You? – For Quantum Fiber, a CenturyLink brand

How to Up Your Security Game with Google Authenticator and Other 2FA Tools

Avoiding Online Scams for Seniors – For CenturyLink

3 Internet Safety Tips to Stop Cyberbullying this Fall


How to Create a Website for Your Small Business Without Breaking the Bank

Head Back to School with Refurbished Sustainable Technology

9 Reasons to Make Your Content Mobile

Advanced Computer Solutions Emails

7 Reasons to Switch to Mobile Performance Support

8 Tips for Effective Training Reinforcement


Evolve your Gameplay with the Power of NVIDIA GeForce Experience – For Quantum Fiber, a CenturyLink brand

Persona 5: A Quirky, Cool Adventure in Modern-Day Japan

4 PlayStation VR Games That Will Convince You the Future is Here

Make Your Dreams of Space Travel a Reality With No Man’s Sky 

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Nursing Certifications Across State Lines

Treating Knee Osteoarthritis With Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

A Psychedelic May Revolutionize Obesity Treatment

Is the New FDA Draft Guidance Enough to Protect Consumers?

Iron and the Keto Diet

Potassium and the Keto Diet

Freelancing and Work Culture:

Excerpt on DaVinci featured in “The Human Cloud” by Matthew Mottola  – Published by HarperCollins

The Future of Remote Work – For CenturyLink

The Key to Preserving Your Creativity While Keeping Your Clients Happy

Making the Most of Rejection as a Writer

4 Common Myths that Plague New Freelancers, Debunked

Company Culture at Diamond S Trucking


CenturyLink Back to School Marketing Blog

Quantum Fiber Back to School Marketing Blog

Max and Slate Product Descriptions

Advanced Computer Solutions Marketing Emails

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