4 PlayStation VR Games That Will Convince You the Future Is Here

Serious gamers around the world have been waiting for decent virtual reality games for years. PlayStation VR, Sony’s long-awaited virtual reality headset, is finally here after Sony built up hype for what seemed like an eternity. Although using a virtual reality headset in your living room is still a foreign concept to many gamers, Sony is working hard to come up with awesome new games. Will PlayStation VR usher in a new era of virtual reality gaming around the world? After trying out these mind-blowing new titles I think it’s possible! Read on to learn about the best 4 games for PSVR.

1. Explore Alien Worlds with Farpoint

Over the past decade there’s been no shortage of FPS games. In fact, many gamers have played so many classic FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield that they’ve worn themselves out on the genre. But even if you’ve given yourself carpal tunnel syndrome from mashing the right trigger over and over while being obsessed with Destiny in college, give Farpoint a chance. Farpoint uses the brand new PlayStation VR Aim Controller to bring first person shooters to the next level. This makes for some incredibly realistic shooting. Players are able to explore an alien world while utilizing exciting, futuristic weapons to take down their foes. In my opinion, Farpoint has done a great job of breathing new life into the sometimes-redundant FPS genre.


2. Revisit Your Youth with Rez Infinite

Some of you may recognize Rez Infinite as an old classic, but don’t think you’ve ever seen it played like this. This trippy, visually stunning game made its debut many years ago on Sega Dreamcast, and anyone who played it back then probably never imagined it would be recreated in virtual reality someday. This futuristic, beautifully-rendered game has a stunning musical score and will completely immerse you. It allows players to experience virtual reality as it should be experienced, with graphics and music perfectly synchronized.


3. Push the Boundaries of Fear with Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is recognized by many gamers as the most immersive PSVR game of all. Although the blood-curdling jump scares and horrific visuals aren’t for everyone, this game provides a truly realistic (and terrifying) virtual reality experience. Long-time fans of the series will be delighted to experience the nightmare of Resident Evil in ways they never dreamed possible. Resident Evil 7 truly takes advantage of the PSVR’s ability to make you feel like you’re living the game, and the first-person perspective of being chased by zombies is truly chilling.


4. Soar Through the Cosmos with EVE: Valkyrie

In EVE: Valkyrie, you play as a newly-recruited immortal space pirate. You’ll be able to battle rival pirate groups while fully experiencing everything PlayStation VR has to offer. EVE: Valkyrie contains many exciting dogfight sequences, and playing it in virtual reality makes you feel like you’re truly shooting down your enemies among distant stars. The intense online multiplayer mode will send your pulse rate through the roof, and the single player PVE mode will make you truly appreciate the stunning graphic capabilities of PSVR.


Which of these awesome new PSVR games was your favorite? Did your top choice make the list, or did we leave it out? Let us know in the comments!

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