The Stars are Finally Right! “Worlds Long Lost” Has Arrived.

If you’ve been waiting to sink your teeth into my Lovecraftian nightmare “Never Ending, Ever-Growing,” go grab a copy . . . before one grabs you instead.

After receiving this awesome review from Publishers Weekly, I’ve been even more excited about seeing my “Lovecraftian Corporate Horror” alive and in print for the very first time. (I may have borrowed part of that description from a cool review I received on Goodreads).

Read Cosmic Horror by Erica Ciko from Baen Books today!

So much has changed since I got that life-changing news: News that my story would appear in an anthology by one of the greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy publishers of all time. To this day, even though I’ve stared at it endlessly and leafed through the pages countless times, my brain can’t seem to digest the fact that I share a table of content with some of my favorite modern authors.

Erica Ciko sharing a table of content with Orson Scott Card. Weird.

To call it an honor is an understatement. All it takes is a glance at any Baen anthology to see that the editors care about the work they’re putting out. Unlike some publishers, they don’t just slap the stories in there at random without any cohesion or cosmic symphony. They treat their authors’ work with respect from start to finish, and deliver an awesome final product to their loyal readers.

This was my first time working with them, and they took far more care with my story than any publisher I’ve ever dealt with before. They write an intro for each story that ties the piece not only to the author’s background, but to the literary world as a whole. This is what the editors came up with for me. (And yes, you get a sneak peak of the actual story beneath it, too. But if you want to finish you’re going to have to buy the anthology).

Erica Ciko's story "Never-Ending, Ever Growing" in a Baen anthology.

Now, anyone who knows me is painfully aware that I bring a little bit of Lovecraft into everything I write. I affectionately refer to him as “The Immortal Master of Cosmic Horror” in short story cover letters, and even to unsuspecting friends and family. So it was definitely a chilling feeling–in a good way–to see that my efforts were recognized in Worlds Long Lost.

Sometimes, life is so strange that you could never figure out where your next path will take you in a million Starless Aeons. And although I never expected my first big publication would be with Baen, the experience has been everything I dreamed it would be and more.

The idea of having more eyes than ever before on one of my stories is harrowing for sure: But knowing that finally, one of my weird, twisted tales has made it out of the pulps is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Never Ending, Ever-Growing by Erica Ciko
I don’t think he’s as excited as I am.

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