Publisher’s Weekly took note of my Sci-Fi Horror story “Never Ending, Ever-Growing”. Check it out in the Worlds Long Lost anthology by Baen Books on December 6th!
Publisher's Weekly Centered
Read this glowing testimonial from Matthew R Mottola, author of “The Human Cloud” (Published by Harper Collins Leadership!)
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“Erica somehow is able to take my incoherent mess of ideas and turn it into something readable. She listens to feedback, is very communicative, and is understanding when changes have to be made. She produces results in a timely fashion and it’s been nothing but a pleasure working with her over the last year.” – Curtis Brown, Creative Director at Alibient Interactive

“Erica Ciko Campbell creates a thrilling sci-fi story ride through magical and emotional phrases. She delivers a rich and credible world with astonishingly diverse and cool characters, inventive environments, and outrageously fun plots. I love everything about Erica Ciko Campbell’s work and I want more more more!!” – Michael Goetzman, Organizer of CypherCon

“Erica was a pivotal contributor to my horror project – she really got to the heart of my story and brought my characters to life. Her writing was so breathtaking – and evoked so much emotion – that it breathed new life into the project. Her ideas made the project so far more than what I could have even hoped for going into it. Can’t say thanks enough times!” – Isaac Bell, Horror Author

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