Short Stories

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Short Stories by Erica Ciko:

Never Ending, Ever-Growing – This far-future Lovecraftian nightmare earned me a mention in Publishers Weekly. It debuted in the Worlds Long Lost anthology by Baen Books on December 6, 2022.

The Prince of Murk and Rot – Originally published in the Through Other Eyes anthology by All Worlds Wayfarer – Now available to read for free here on my site!

If You Don’t Laugh, You CryMonsters and Mayhem: Twenty-Four Sinister Tales of Monsters, Aliens and Cryptids (Eerie River Press: Tales from the River, March 2022)

Wretchbane Midnights – Featured in the Starward Shadows Quarterly Flash Menagerie (October 2021)

The Jester of Arathos – Featured in MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine (Issue #17, October 2021)

A Deal Between Bats – After earning glowing reviews on Goodreads, this story was re-released in the Lovecraft Special Issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly in August of 2021!

Where Monsters Go to Die – Featured in Episode #489 of the Tales to Terrify Podcast (June 2021)

The Last Flight of the Palisades Mega Mallship – I was personally invited to contribute to the Tales of Clickbait anthology (May 2021) – And now you can read it for free here on my site!

Macrophages – This story was originally published on Writerfield and included in their Aggregate anthology. The following year, it was picked up as a reprint for the Demented Mother’s Day issue of Tales From the Moonlit Path

When Dark and Light Are One – Published in The Devil You Know anthology by Critical Blast

The Eternal War – Originally published in The Kyanite Press: Volume 2, Issue 2 – Now available to read free here!

The Sun Beneath the Glaciers – Published in The Fifth Di . . ., March 2020

The Revelations of the Nibiru Society

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