7 Reasons to Switch to Mobile Performance Support

Written by Erica Ciko and originally published on the Train by Cell website.

Are your employees struggling to retain and apply the information they’ve learned in training? If so, your company may benefit greatly from mobile performance support through Train by Cell. Effective performance support prevents your employees from forgetting key training concepts before they’ve had a chance to apply them. Furthermore, our resources have been proven to increase employee productivity and reduce the need for lengthy training sessions. Train by Cell’s performance support features will make life easier for both new hires and long-time employees, and here are the top 7 reasons why.

  1. Mobile performance support is there when you need it most

Mobile performance support ensures that your employees will be able to access information on their phones the moment they need it. They won’t have to step out in the middle of a conversation to find their training manual, or return to their desks every time they need to look up information. Going mobile saves time and energy by making it easy for your employees to find information anywhere, and allows them to answer questions on their own terms.

  1. Senior employees will spend less time answering questions

Too often, a long-term employee of a company will have to pause their work to answer questions for new hires. These interruptions can be tiresome, and they prevent both employees from reaching their full productivity throughout the day. Mobile performance support with Train by Cell will prevent these distractions and allow your new hires to find answers without interrupting anyone. They’ll be able to find the support they need instantly on their phones, without causing a distraction to others.

  1. Your employees won’t be overloaded by unnecessary info

One of the major pitfalls of traditional performance support is the overwhelming amount of unnecessary information. With paper-based methods, employees waste precious time sorting through training materials and flipping through notebooks. Mobile performance support provides an innovative solution to these setbacks. Your employees will have easy access to the exact piece of information they need, without having to filter through endless paragraphs of irrelevant material. Train by Cell provides a rich, detailed information base right at their fingertips, without all the downsides of paper-based support.

  1. Mobile support helps your employees apply their training to real life

Traditional training encourages employees to memorize endless amounts of information. However, when it’s time for them to apply their knowledge on-the-job, they may need additional support. Train by Cell will allow your employees to reference training material as they need it throughout the workday. This real-time support is extremely effective at helping your employees form connections between their training and real-life experiences.

  1. Your employees will be more likely to see their tasks through to completion

Mobile performance support ensures that your employees will be able to accomplish all their tasks from start to finish, with minimal roadblocks along the way. If they encounter an obstacle, they’ll be able to access real-time support that will guide them through the necessary problem-solving steps. They won’t have to rely on other employees for assistance, and they’ll be able to meet deadlines and finish their projects with a much lower error rate.

  1. You’ll reduce the need for extra training sessions

Train by Cell’s mobile performance support eliminates the need for tedious in-person training sessions. Your employees will be able to spend more time working and less time zoning out in a useless training class. Instead, they’ll be able to pull out their phones and review performance support materials the moment they need them. With mobile performance support, they’ll accomplish more in two minutes than they would have in two hours of a traditional training class.

  1. Background information isn’t required for mobile performance support

When utilizing mobile performance support tools, your employees don’t need to have extensive background knowledge. They’ll be able to access a wealth of relevant information without years of experience at the company. No research is required, and in contrast to traditional training methods, they won’t need to waste time becoming familiar with irrelevant background info before finding answers. This ease of access makes Train by Cell’s performance support tools ideal for both new hires and veteran employees.

Mobile Performance Support is the Superior Choice

Train by Cell’s mobile performance support tools will revolutionize employee training for your company. They’ll increase productivity, prevent distractions, and save time for new hires and managers alike. Employees will be much more likely to retain the information that they learned in training, and applying their education on-the-job will become second nature. The many benefits of mobile performance support will help your company transition seamlessly into the future.

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