8 Tips for Effective Training Reinforcement

Originally written by Erica Ciko and originally published on the Train by Cell website.

If your goal is to simplify your company’s training process, Train by Cell will allow your employees to access valuable training material directly from their mobile phones. In a society where 91% of people carry their phones within reach at all times, our mobile-based methods are extremely effective. Whether you’re aiming to simplify the onboarding process for new hires, or implement new company-wide procedures, these 8 training reinforcement tips will set your employees up for success.

  1. Training reinforcement programs should have clear milestones along the way

Employees should be able to gauge their progress through milestones at every step of the training reinforcement progress. Our cloud-based training solutions allow you to present clear milestones to your employees throughout the process. With Train by Cell, you’ll be able to divide your material into chapters for reinforcement and review, which will prevent your employees from feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Employees should be able to easily access training reinforcement materials

Did you know that SMS messages have a 98% open rate, while emails only have a 20% open rate? Rather than expecting them to read frequent emails, it’s much easier for your employees to check a text message during the training reinforcement process. Distributing your training reinforcement materials through text message with Train by Cell will make it much easier for your employees to read and retain valuable information.

  1. Reinforcement should begin immediately after the training session ends

No matter how closely your employees pay attention during training presentations, retaining 100% of the information you present is impossible. With Train by Cell, it’s easy to begin reinforcing the knowledge of your employees immediately after training ends. They’ll be able to review key points through SMS, which will make them much more likely to retain information and benefit from training sessions.

  1. Create training reinforcement materials for an on-the-go lifestyle

Most workers in the modern age aren’t chained to their desks all day, and it’s not uncommon for them to be traveling or attending meetings throughout the workday. Our SMS-based training solutions won’t overwhelm your employees when they already have enough on their plates.

Your employees may not have time to read lengthy documents in the middle of the day, so that’s why we keep our SMS messages short and to the point—we offer the option of including a mobile link to an in-depth explanation, which they can read through when they have a moment to catch up.

  1. Use mobile websites to sum up key points

At Train by Cell, we understand that some concepts simply can’t be conveyed through text messaging alone. That’s why we offer the option of creating mobile websites for training reinforcement. Mobile websites are a great way to present complex or lengthy concepts without the character limits of a text message.

  1. Reinforce your training with data and statistics

There’s no better way to reinforce key points of your employee training than with solid, irrefutable data. Graphs and tables are a great way to display data to your employees quickly and effectively. With Train by Cell, you’ll be able to showcase data seamlessly on a mobile website that your employees can access through SMS messaging.

  1. Evaluate your employees on their training progress

Creating regular checkpoints to evaluate progress is an excellent way to make sure your employees are getting the most out of their training reinforcement. After a major milestone is reached, be sure to test your employees to make sure they’re retaining all the key points. This will allow you to modify your training reinforcement program if necessary, which can help you tailor it to employee success.

  1. Give your employees room to breathe

While reinforcing employee training, it may be tempting to send out frequent messages as “reminders” of key points. However, this can be overwhelming, and can lead to your employees feeling burnt out. You should aim to focus more on “reinforcing” than “reminding”—and remember not to bombard your employees with too much information! Instead of rehashing all the finer details of their training, aim to reinforce only the most important concepts.

Simplify the Training Reinforcement Process with Train by Cell

By developing effective training reinforcement protocol, you’ll set your new hires up for success and make them much more likely to bring value to your company. With proper reinforcement, they’ll feel much more confident about the material they’re expected to retain. Proper training reinforcement will keep your employees from getting overwhelmed, and will make your company function much more effectively.

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