I’m Now the Editor in Chief of Dark Speculative Fiction Magazine Starward Shadows Quarterly

Today, I’m bringing some very exciting news to the table: Some news I’ve wanted to announce for a very long time, maybe even years. I’m now the Editor-in-Chief of my own magazine, Starward Shadows Quarterly. My good friend Desmond Rhae is working as my Co-Editor. To quote the homepage, “Starward Shadows Quarterly is an online dark speculative fiction magazine dedicated to probing the twisted recesses of the imagination. We’re interested in exploring the wicked, strange places that walk the line between reality and nightmare—the alien, the absurd, and above all else, the weird.”

We’ll mainly be focusing on Cosmic Horror, Sword and Sorcery, and Dark Science Fiction and Fantasy. But in truth, we’re interested in anything that falls under the incredibly broad umbrella of dark speculative fiction. Interested in submitting? Then check out our guidelines here!

This also means that I’ve amicably parted ways with Novel Noctule, but I’m very grateful for everything I learned while I was working as an editor there. In fact, without my experience at NN, I probably wouldn’t have the skill set required to get Starward Shadows off the ground! So I like to think of it as an exciting new beginning rather than a bittersweet end.

Now as you can imagine, with a new magazine, there are tons upon tons of expenses. We’ve already paid for web hosting services and our publisher email, which came out to around $150. And this is only the beginning. When we created the magazine, our number one goal was to pay authors a fair, honest rate they could be proud of earning: And you can help us do this by supporting us on Kickstarter.

Running a speculative fiction magazine has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I’m so excited that it’s finally within reach. It’s been a lot of hard work, with a great deal of uncertainty and self-doubt along the way: But I’m extremely proud to say that it’s finally off the ground, and you can finally join us on our journey into the black unknown today!

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