Reflections on My Favorite Author, and the Honor of Being Published in a Special Issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly Devoted Entirely to Him

Out of every publication I’ve ever been included in, I have to say, this one is the greatest honor. H.P. Lovecraft has been my favorite author since I first grew completely immersed in his nightmare visions at age 15 with an old copy of “The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories.” When I read his words for the very first time, the only thing that crossed my mind was “Wait, there was someone else out there who wrote the same kind of stuff as me?”

From then on, my writing was never the same. To call the immortal master of cosmic horror a huge inspiration would be an understatement. His words brought me out of my 4-year writing stasis, and inspired me to lay the groundwork for worlds that would later on define the entire Starless Aeons series. I have no doubts that if I never hid his books beneath my desk in tenth grade while I was supposed to be listening to the teachers ramble on, I wouldn’t be writing today to begin with.

So, as you might imagine, it was a huge honor to have my story A Deal Between Bats accepted for Issue #14 of Cosmic Horror Monthly. This story is a very special one to me, as it was my first attempt at truly “taking up the torch” and continuing the mythos. Although Lovecraft’s influence peeks through in every story I write, this was the first time I wrote a direct spinoff of one of his legendary, peerless tales–and his final one, no less.

Although it’s nearly impossible to choose,The Haunter of the Dark was always one of my favorites. The mesmerizing, hypnotic descriptions of the Shining Trapezohedron haunted me since the day I first read them, and I truly think this bleak and mind-bending tale is one of the best examples of Lovecraft’s style and art. So so I was rather intimidated by the idea of “continuing” the story in the far reaches of space and time with my own characters, but apparently some people somewhere thought I did a pretty good job.

A Deal Between Bats reads sort of like a dark space opera with the dread and hopelessness of true cosmic horror delicately interwoven throughout. You can have a taste of it for yourself here in the Cosmic Horror Monthly Webshop, alongside many other chilling Lovecraftian stories–including some by the man himself.

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